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The Comprehensive Report


By leveraging multi-level access to proprietary databases and applying innovative and industry standard methodologies we are able to provide our clients with a meticulous outline of the details in almost every situation.


Product Description

  • General Information – Birthday, Social Security, Phone Numbers, Emails Addresses, Address Summary, Voter Registration.
  • Criminal Court Record – Criminal Charges, Traffic Infractions.​
  • Civil Court Records – Bankruptcies, Foreclosures, Property Records, Evictions, Judgments, Liens.
  • General Information PLUS – Address Details, Utilities, Cities History, Counties History.
  • Current & Past Vehicle Information – Current and Past Tag Information, Registration Information, VIN#’s, Accident Reports.
  • US Corporate & Business Records Search – US Corporate and Business Affiliations, UCC Filings, Potential, Employer History.
  • Licenses & Permits – Driver’s License, Pilot’s License, Aircraft Records, Hunting Permits, Gun Permits, Professional Licenses.

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We are specialists at surveillance, covert information gathering, and evidence collection techniques.