Insurance Fraud Investigations

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The FBI’s assessment reveals that non-health insurance fraud comes at a staggering annual price tag exceeding $40 billion. Regrettably, this financial burden trickles down to the average American family, costing them an additional $400 to $700 each year through elevated premiums.

Field & Claims Investigations

Insurance Defense

SIU & Fraud Abatement

At Axios Investigations Firm, our highly skilled personnel have over 10 years of SIU and Insurance Claims Investigations experience. Our cutting-edge technology and insurance expertise come together to offer clients optimal service and tailored solutions that cater to their specific needs.

Whether a case is in its initial stages or has been evolving over the years, Axios Investigations Firm can play a crucial role in ascertaining the existence of ongoing fraud by presenting solid, unbiased evidence. Our arsenal includes both manned and unmanned surveillance methods, which have a track record of not only detecting fraud but, in some instances, preventing it altogether. Our team of field investigators at Axios Investigations Firm is encouraged to think creatively while consistently adhering to all relevant state and local laws, ensuring both innovation and compliance in their work.

Field & Claims Investigations

Addressing intricate claims demands sophisticated solutions. Our Field Investigators, equipped with decades of expertise, are dedicated and proficient in managing diverse field tasks efficiently. Given the frequent interaction with your insured, claimant, or witness, our skilled investigators are adeptly trained to approach each case with utmost professionalism and confidentiality.

Every Field Investigation is customized to align with your unique requirements and objectives. Despite the distinct nature of each case, our objective remains consistent: to procure the essential facts necessary for informed claims resolutions.

  • Written & recorded statements
  • Scene investigations
  • Surface friction testing
  • Witness locating
  • Record retrieval
  • Video depositions
  • Subrogation investigations
  • AOE/COE investigations
  • Catastrophic event response & assessment
  • Independent adjusting

SIU & Fraud Abatement

At Axios Investigations, we recognize that robust fraud management is integral to proficient claim processing. That’s why our renowned SIU & Fraud Abatement Program has garnered widespread adoption among numerous third-party administrators, insurance carriers, and self-insured entities.

We oversee national and regional SIU anti-fraud initiatives nationwide, collaborating directly with relevant state fraud bureaus, state attorney offices, and attorney general offices. With a demonstrated history of arrests, convictions, and upheld restitution orders stemming from our SIU investigations, our program delivers quantifiable cost savings to our clientele.

  • Compliant state fraud plan filings
  • Verified claim savings
  • 50-state SIU fraud reporting & compliance
  • National rate structure with positive revenue outcomes
  • Fiduciary responsibility to policyholders
  • Consistent investigative results backed by our full range of services
  • Restitution and monitored collection
  • Progressive employee/corporate training programs