Axios Investigations Firm (AIF) has earned the trust of elite clients worldwide. Government diplomats or ambassadors, Corporate Executives, VIPs, and other High Net-Worth individuals. They rely on our expertise, situational awareness, vigilance in protective operations, and the ability to adjust and be flexible Above and beyond a typical protections specialist, AIF agents are adaptable and intelligent security practitioners that have honed their craft with close-quarters combat (CQC) techniques, police operational experience, and education.

Whether providing custom personal & estate security or providing secure transport, using our own internal private charter services, for an executive/VIP local or abroad. Also, AIF provides physical security screening with the use of explosives or narcotics detection canines, which can be deployed worldwide to a variety of locations, venues, terrain, and environments. Our protection specialists put your interests above our own.

Our team of experts was used most recently to assist in the Capital Hill riots on January 6th, 2021, the Presidential Inauguration, and close-quarters protection of dignitaries and Capitol Hill leaders.

Our Executive Protection agents come from Special Operations military personnel, exceptionally trained and distinguished law enforcement officials. Because of the ever-changing world we live in Executive protection has become a valuable resource in today’s global business environment where risk conditions can impact individuals as well as large corporations. We offer executive protection services in a variety of environments for senior corporate executives, domestic and foreign dignitaries, entertainment industry notables, high-net-worth individuals, heads of state, and other prominent individuals.

The Executive Protection Division provides immediate response to the needs of corporations, employees, and private individuals. Axios Investigations Firm offers close proximity protection on a nationwide basis. One of our core functions is to provide discrete protection while employing state-of-the-art methods of tracking, monitoring, and intervening as necessary, without interfering with our clients’ professional or private affairs.

Executive Protection Services

Our comprehensive corporate executive protection services include but is not limited to:

K-9 services are provided by contracted, fully licensed guard dog firms.