Research, Intelligence & Corporate Due Diligence

Every day we send researchers into courthouses and government agencies throughout the United States, and manually search for criminal and civil court records. Most of our searches are completed within 24-72 hours of request (depending on the size of the request.) On-site research for criminal records is the only way to ensure that your information is current and up to date. We also provide executive level corporate due diligence reports.

By leveraging multi-level access to proprietary databases and applying innovative and industry standard methodologies we are able to provide our clients with a meticulous outline of the details in almost every situation.


Our highly trained and qualified staff is poised to meet the needs of your firm. Our corporate office is highly automated with an integrated computer network, and the most sophisticated software in the industry.

Our pre-employment background investigations will provide you with a comprehensive overview of a candidate’s background before you make an offer of employment. Since we provide mission critical data our firm maintains general liability insurance coverage in the amount of $2 million.

As a result, our clients have the peace of mind that comes with knowing we are experts in the field of background investigations. After reviewing our proposal, I am confident you will see the value Axios Investigations Firm will add to your pre-employment background investigation process.

The Competitor's Report

  • General Information
    Birthday, Social Security, Phone Numbers, Emails Addresses, Address Summary, Voter Registration.
  • Criminal Court Record
    Criminal Charges, Traffic Infractions.​
  • Civil Court Records
    Bankruptcies, Foreclosures, Property Records, Evictions, Judgements, Liens.

The Comprehensive Report

  • Everything offered by Our Competitors
    General Information, Criminal Court Record, and Civil Court Records.
  • General Information PLUS
    Address Details, Utilities, Cities History, Counties History.
  • Current & Past Vehicle Information
    Current and Past Tag Information, Registration Information, VIN#’s, Accident Reports.
  • US Corporate & Business Records Search
    US Corporate and Business Affiliations, UCC Filings, Potential, Employer History.
  • Licenses & Permits
    Driver’s License, Pilot’s License, Aircraft Records, Hunting Permits, Gun Permits, Professional Licenses.
Only $99

The Executive Report

  • Everything offered by The Comprehensive Report
    General Information, Criminal Court Record, Civil Court Records, General Information PLUS, Current & Past Vehicle Information, US Corporate & Business Records Search, and Licenses & Permits.
  • Potential Photos
    Photos of Subject, Family, Closest Associates, and Others.
  • Criminal Court Record PLUS
    National Sex Offender Search, Healthcare Fraud & Abuse Check, Patriot Act Search, Interpol/International Police.
  • Relatives & Likely Associates
    Possible Relatives, Likely Associates, Possible Associates, Neighbor Phones.
  • Family/Relationship Network and Cyber Footprint Mapping
    Including Social Media Analysis, News, Media, and other Online Mentions.
  • Professional Investigatory Analysis and Consultation
    A complete and thorough analysis of all relevant data points included in the report. The entire process is followed up by a professional consultation.

Corporate & executive Due Diligence

  • Everything offered by The Comprehensive & Executive Reports
    General Information, Criminal Court Record, Civil Court Records, General Information PLUS, Current & Past Vehicle Information, US Corporate & Business Records Search, and Licenses & Permits, Potential Photos, Criminal Court Record PLUS, Relatives & Likely Associates, Family/Relationship Network and Cyber Footprint Mapping and Professional Investigatory Analysis and Consultation.
  • Professional References, Work History, and Education Confirmation
    Thorough research on all personal references, interviewing past employees and associates, and confirmation of University Degrees via our proprietary database.
  • Misconduct Claims or Potential Corporate Liability Issues
    We protect your organization from unnecessary litigation issues, personal liability, and activist shareholder lawsuits. Our team will scour databases, records, and the deep web for any potential issues. Also, interview (if necessary) any individuals that have had any grievance with the potential executive in the past.

Scope of Work