Security Consulting Services

Axios Investigations Firm (AIF) has extensive training and proven experience specializing in security, safety, and risk management consulting. We have a professional team of security consultants who will professionally conduct audits, hazard analysis, risk and threat assessments, and crisis management training in a corporate setting. School and Campus Vulnerability Assessments will identify security hazards and the potential likelihood of occurrence. We will identify and conduct onsite inspections of your campus. We will also interview your students, staff, and visitors to assess any potential threats.

We believe that the best planning solutions result from active client involvement in an interdisciplinary planning approach. We are experienced at working closely with our clients, with the ability to identify and quickly respond to each unique need of every client. We understand security operations and procedures and the essential processes for developing appropriate programs and systems to meet those needs.

Our company is used by Washington D.C. Dignitaries, Capitol Hill elites, Silicon Valley, Universities and Fortune 500 executives to access potential threats in their current levels of security and technology platforms.

Our Experience

Our security consulting teams bring more than 100 plus years of combined security experience. Through years of Special Operation warfare, military, and security training. We are experts in helping our customers build their security programs to protect their organization. We bring a blend of business and technical experience to every security project and maximize our client’s investment. Security risks are at an all-time high. Your organization needs a methodical approach to security as well as next-gen technology. Maintaining the security of your business is becoming tougher and more important than ever. Don’t expose your organization to unnecessary litigation, fines, or negative headlines.


Contact Axios Investigations Firm (AIF) for a confidential discussion of your requirements for security consulting including:

Vulnerability Assessments

Corporate Security

Industrial Security

School Security

Aircraft Security

Airport Security

Campus Security

Travel Security

Security Seminars

Executive Protection Programming and Planning

Cyber Security

Counter-Terrorism Planning For Business and Government

By understanding your needs, our consultants can help you reach your immediate and long-term goals realistically and reasonably.