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Phone Safe Ultra – NG4100


Stop accidental info leakage in conference rooms or group meetings with the PHONE SAFE ULTRA. Mobile phones have an infinite number of benefits for communication and business; however, they also create certain threats of information leakage. One of the potential leakage channels is the phone’s microphone picking up surrounding acoustics with high sensitivity. The PHONE SAFE ULTRA has been developed by information security professionals to protect against this exact type of threat.


Product Description

While developing this product the following features and vulnerabilities of modern mobile phones were taken into account:

  • The smartphone can be intentionally, or covertly, ‘off-hook’ during important negotiations
  • Voice recording software can intentionally, or secretly, run on the smartphone
  • Listening software can run in a ‘stealth’ mode
  • Spyware can be installed on the smartphone without the owner’s knowledge, allowing attackers to activate covert eavesdropping around the phone. There are known cases of transmission of such software by exploiting the vulnerabilities of some messengers
  • The acoustic environment around the phone can be transmitted to the server, or cloud service of the attackers either in real-time or with a postponed uploading
  • Smartphone apps that have access to the phone’s microphone can be used for eavesdropping in cases of them having been hacked (usually messengers or social network apps)
  • Uploading of information can be done in the following ways: Conventional voice call; Mobile internet; Wi-Fi; Bluetooth; The phone’s connector

Other audio security devices use radio interference to protect conversations. Unfortunately, the creation of radio interference (RF jamming mobile communications, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth) does not guarantee protection: there is still the possibility of accumulating information in the phone’s memory (voice recorder mode). Given this factor, the only reliable way to protect is to block the phone’s acoustic channel. This prevents acoustic information from leaking, regardless of how it is listened to or transmitted. A number of modern technologies have been used in the PHONE SAFE ULTRA device for your protection.


  • Blocks the microphone of the phone with the help of non-filterable ultrasonic interference
  • Efficiently prevents surround recording app from capturing conversations and sounds
  • The frequency of interference has been optimally selected for the best performance and affects all existing models of smartphones
  • No illegal radio jamming
  • Made with the design of an attractive natural wood stand
  • The acoustically isolated phone can remain close to the owner where the screen can be easily observed
  • The phone stays online and available for incoming calls
  • Can be powered by the external USB, or from the built-in rechargeable battery
  • Has 2 sensors, increasing the battery’s resource: the device starts producing interference when a phone is inserted (IN USE sensor) and a conversation is present (ACTIVITY sensor)
  • The rechargeable battery provides a continuous working time of 6 hours if the USB source is unavailable
  • Is compatible with all types of phones (max. width 88 mm)

Disclose: All sales are final and refunds will not be accepted. Any items that are damaged need to be sent back to Axios Investigations Firm. Item will be replaced at no cost to the client once the damaged item has been returned.