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At Axios Investigations Firm (AIF) we offer the “Core-4” services block in order to provide discreet, confidential, and professional investigative and security solutions to a wide variety of clientele. Core 4, which includes:

It is designed to empower our clients with the union of facts and expertise so they can make more informed decisions regarding their personal or professional life. We understand that important and sensitive matters sometimes require a complex and delicate solution – let us be yours.

Research & Intelligence

By leveraging multi-level access to proprietary databases and applying innovative and industry standard methodologies we are able to provide our clients with a meticulous outline of the details in almost every situation.

The Competitor's Report

  • General Information
    Birthday, Social Security, Phone Numbers, Emails Addresses, Address Summary, Voter Registration.
  • Criminal Court Record
    Criminal Charges, Traffic Infractions.​
  • Civil Court Records
    Bankruptcies, Foreclosures, Property Records, Evictions, Judgements, Liens.

The Comprehensive Report

  • Everything offered by Our Competitors
    General Information, Criminal Court Record, and Civil Court Records.
  • General Information PLUS
    Address Details, Utilities, Cities History, Counties History.
  • Current & Past Vehicle Information
    Current and Past Tag Information, Registration Information, VIN#’s, Accident Reports.
  • US Corporate & Business Records Search
    US Corporate and Business Affiliations, UCC Filings, Potential, Employer History.
  • Licenses & Permits
    Driver’s License, Pilot’s License, Aircraft Records, Hunting Permits, Gun Permits, Professional Licenses.
Only $99

The Executive Report

  • Everything offered by The Comprehensive Report
    General Information, Criminal Court Record, Civil Court Records, General Information PLUS, Current & Past Vehicle Information, US Corporate & Business Records Search, and Licenses & Permits.
  • Potential Photos
    Photos of Subject, Family, Closest Associates, and Others.
  • Criminal Court Record PLUS
    National Sex Offender Search, Healthcare Fraud & Abuse Check, Patriot Act Search, Interpol/International Police.
  • Relatives & Likely Associates
    Possible Relatives, Likely Associates, Possible Associates, Neighbor Phones.
  • Family/Relationship Network and Cyber Footprint Mapping
    Including Social Media Analysis, News, Media, and other Online Mentions.
  • Professional Investigatory Analysis and Consultation
    A complete and thorough analysis of all relevant data points included in the report. The entire process is followed up by a professional consultation.

Corporate & Executive Due Diligence

Every day we send researchers into courthouses and government agencies throughout the United States, and manually search for criminal and civil court records.

Corporate & executive Due Diligence

  • Everything offered by The Comprehensive & Executive Reports
    General Information, Criminal Court Record, Civil Court Records, General Information PLUS, Current & Past Vehicle Information, US Corporate & Business Records Search, and Licenses & Permits, Potential Photos, Criminal Court Record PLUS, Relatives & Likely Associates, Family/Relationship Network and Cyber Footprint Mapping and Professional Investigatory Analysis and Consultation.
  • Professional References, Work History, and Education Confirmation
    Thorough research on all personal references, interviewing past employees and associates, and confirmation of University Degrees via our proprietary database.
  • Misconduct Claims or Potential Corporate Liability Issues
    We protect your organization from unnecessary litigation issues, personal liability, and activist shareholder lawsuits. Our team will scour databases, records, and the deep web for any potential issues. Also, interview (if necessary) any individuals that have had any grievance with the potential executive in the past.

Surveillance, Field Operations & Process Server

We are specialists at surveillance, covert information gathering, and evidence collection techniques. The goal is to bring transparency to an issue that is typically shrouded in secrecy. We do this by unveiling the truth while providing our clients with the facts.

We also provide a “Flat Fee” Nationwide Professional Process Serving. Summons & Complaints, Divorce Matters, Personal Protection Orders, Subpoenas & Rush Service Available. Proof of service your court will accept. Guaranteed!

Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM)

What are Technical Security Countermeasures (TSCM) or commonly defined as bug-sweeping?  It’s terminology that has been around for many years within the government circles.  It is the methods and manners by which the government, business, and individuals protect and secures its most sensitive information from being compromised.

This once government centered discipline is now a cornerstone for businesses and individuals in their efforts to protect Intellectual Property, Secrecy Issues, Privacy Concerns, Corporate Espionage, Non-Disclosure, and Non-Compete Agreements. Losses resulting from Corporate and private espionage are estimated to be in the billions of dollars per year.

Today, Countermeasures are performed by highly trained individuals using highly specialized and technical equipment to detect and identify clandestine compromises to a business or individual’s security.

Axios Investigations Firm (AIF) has a team of highly trained counter measure (bug-sweeping) specialists with varying degrees of specialty and experience. Our methods are simple at AIF, we provide a multi-faceted approach to ensure that the client is fully protected from any and all potential listening devices. In addition, we provide training and tutoring of equipment (that can be purchased directly from our firm) to help the client feel further protected after AIF finishes the initial sweep.

Executive Protection & K9 Services

Axios Investigations Firm (AIF) has earned the trust of elite clients worldwide. Government diplomats or ambassadors, Corporate Executives, VIPs, and other High Net-Worth individuals. They rely on our expertise, situational awareness, vigilance in protective operations, and the ability adjust and be flexible Above and beyond a typical protections specialist, AIF agents are adaptable and intelligent security practitioners that have honed their craft with close quarters combat (CQC) techniques, police operational experience and education.

Whether providing custom personal & estate security or providing secure transport, using our own internal private charter services, for an executive/VIP local or abroad. Also, AIF provides physical security screening with the use of explosives or narcotics detection canines, which can be deployed worldwide to a variety of locations, venues, terrain, and environments. Our protections specialists put your interests above our own.

Security Consulting

Axios Investigations Firm (AIF) has extensive training and proven experience specializing in security, safety, and risk management consulting. We have a professional team of security consultants who will professionally conduct audits, hazard analysis, risk and threat assessments, and crisis management training in a corporate setting. School and Campus Vulnerability Assessments will identify security hazards and the potential likelihood of occurrence. We will identify and conduct onsite inspections of your campus. We will also interview your students, staff, and visitors to assess any potential threats.

We believe that the best planning solutions result from active client involvement in an interdisciplinary planning approach. We are experienced at working closely with our clients, with the ability to identify and quickly respond to each unique need of every client. We understand security operations and procedures and the essential processes for developing appropriate programs and systems to meet those needs.